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Starting a heartfelt eulogy for your father can be overwhelming and you may not be sure of what to really capture. This is not an easy task when you have not accepted fully that he is gone. It requires you to take some time and be composed. The eulogy often captures moments that will leave you meditating over the good times you spent with your father hence causing so much grief for having lost him. However, when you have been given the role of writing your fathers’ eulogy, you must consider all the things that are worth writing about and show that he lived an honorable life. The following are some of the sample eulogies for a father.


Sample 1

A useless life is an early death. It is quite fortunate that this never applied to our father as he has always been an early riser. I realize how fortunate I was to have him as my father as there are no words to express his influence in my life. It is through him that I have learned to be a man enough, to provide for my family and play a role of a good husband.

It is with deep sorrow yet with lots of honor that we congregate here to put to rest a hero, my father, Makol Okap. I do not have perfect words that can reveal the loss and grief that we are going through as a family. Though this may have been a rough moment for us, I am honored to be sharing the joy and the pain as we lay him to rest on this day.
We received the heartbreaking news of his demise on 17th March at St Ann hospital where he had been undergoing treatment for over two months after he had been involved in an accident early in the year. Each moment we went to the hospital we saw him in pain but could not talk at all. We would go back home hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for us. Memories of the better days we had with him kept us hoping. We were encouraged when he would mumble something little did we know he was saying goodbye.


At some point, my father asked me ‘Caleb, what would wish for while on your deathbed, what do you think you will miss in life that you feel should be the reason for your life?’ I stared at him blankly and he said, ‘you should be sure that I would not have wished to have made a lot of money but to spend more time with my family.’ That is my father’s unconditional love for his family.

Michael Darryl my father was 80 years old. Although we had loved to see him live many more years, he had lived his life to the fullest and left great memories. He never lacked so much love to share with us as his children, to mom, to his grandchildren and even those who have lived with him can bear witness to his great heart.
My father valued taking care of the less fortunate. I remember the day he shared with us on his interest of starting Darryl and Family Children’s Home, only my mom who had a clear picture of what he had intended to do as she had known the guy over years. He believed in the importance of showing love and care to those around him and those who looked hopeless. He knew how to manage the tough moments and that is why he was always smiling to lighten the hearts of those in pain. I celebrate this heroic personality.


“When am gone, release me, let me go.I have so many things to see and do,You mustn’t tie yourself to me with too many Tears,But be thankful we had so many good years.I gave you my love and you can only guessHow much you have given me in happiness.I thank you for your love that you have shown,But now it’s time I traveled on alone.”
This was a clear indication that daddy knew he was leaving. He always uttered words of this poem when we went to the hospital; it has always been his favorite poem on the hospital bed. Kendall Heltin was a man who understood times. Words cannot explain how much we loved and miss you.

Rest in the Eternal Peace Daddy.

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