Eulogy Examples For a Friend

The reality of death cannot dawn more clearly to you than when your friend dies. It is traumatizing, painful, and it tears your world apart. It is even harder if you are the one who will give a tribute on that very day that you lay her/him to rest. The process is not easy. It takes great strength, to go through it and to have the right words to express you on that day is important. Here are some of the .

Example 1

Samantha Kyle was a friend to behold forever. As I was sitting there, I was wondering if I will have the strength to stand here and say what I have to say. It breaks my heart to talk about her today instead of laughing with her. She was more than a friend to me; she was family. When I met Samantha, we had just moved into the neighborhood when I was 16 years. She came over to my house and asked me out to another friend’s birthday party and said she could show me around. I was relieved to get a friend to a new place so soon. And ever since, we have been friends even now that we are grown and married with kids.Samantha always understood a shoulder I always leant on. And I still don’t how my life will be without her. When we graduated, she was so full of dreams, and I am happy to say that she has fulfilled some of them despite how short her life has been. She inspired many, comforted many and I know many people idolize her. Only time will tell how long we shall grieve her, for the gap she leaves is so big to be filled by anyone. She was pearl among people, and her bright smile will always be remembered. Samantha, you will forever be in our hearts.

Example 2

I still cannot believe,That you are gone never to see. Your warm embrace when I needed it. Where else shall I get?My secrets we shared, never one you didn’t know. Where else do I begin?Without a friend like you were.
I cry and mourn,For none like you shall I see. You stood through thick and thin. Where else shall I get?You will always beThe friend that was and will be. For as long as I live.

As I composed that poem, I could not get the right amount of words do justice for who Jessica was. She was the kind of person who meant the world to me. Her kind heart touched so many, and I know that I am not the only one who profoundly feels her absence today. She knew how to respect people, and I was glad to be associated with her wherever I went. We will dearly miss you, Jessica Hart. You are the fragrance that will never fade in our lives. Rest in peace, dear friend. You have gone to a better place.

Example 3

For those who don’t know me, my name is Sharon, and Priscilla Nelly was my best friend. When I was told that she has passed away, I could hardly believe my ears. It was then that I realized life would be hard without her. Priscilla had been ailing from breast cancer, and I know that despite how difficult it was to accept her demise, she is in a better place without any pain. When she was diagnosed with cancer, I thought it would tear her world apart, but she accepted her situation and agreed to start treatment right away. Priscilla was the best example I can give of a strong woman. She has fought hard throughout all these years and her faith in God. Through her, I have learn to accept stressful situations that cannot be changed and that is a value I will always have.

Priscilla was a good wife to her husband Nelly and an awesome mother to her two amazing boys. She will be dearly missed by all she knew and most especially the relatives who stood by her all this time. I pray that during this difficult time, God’s grace be with all the family and may his unending love fill in the gap that Priscilla has left in our lives.

Your pain has ended dear friend. Fare thee well.

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