Eulogy For A Brother

Losing a brother can be a very devastating thing. It is the hardest thing to come to terms with, this is simply because he may be the person you have known all his life and have watched him grow. When he dies, part of you goes missing and the feelings of grief and sorrow takes over. It is therefore not easy to give the eulogy of brother. However, this is the last time to show to the public how much he meant to you and give tribute to someone whom you literary shared blood and flesh. Well chosen words will bring healing to those mourning your brother and especially you. This also gives you a chance to celebrate him and probably know of the perfect way to honor him. The following are some of the sample that will give you an easy time healing.



“At the rising of the sun and its going down, I remember him.At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter, I remember him.When am in need and weary, I remember him.When I have joy and I wish to share, I can only share with him.When I have achievements that are related to his, he is the only person to celebrate with.When I have decisions that are hard to make, I remember him.For as long as I live, he too shall live, he is part of me and I am part of him.”

Andrew was the most interesting person you could have met. You did not have to spend two seconds with him to know how special he was. At his short thirteen years, he had touched the hearts of many. He may have lost his sight but he had a great vision and was always positive about life. He has lost his life so soon for he had a lot to accomplish. It is sad that I will never see him draw, dance and play chess. There are many children in the locality who were looking up to him in various ways. His teachers can confess that they have lost a champion. However, we cannot afford to be overtaken by grief. It is time for us to celebrate the life of this amazing young man who had lived his life well despite the long time ailment.

Rest in Peace Bro


Grief can really awaken us to new values and deeper appreciation. It can cause us set our priorities right in life; to recognize that which is important to us and put is first. It can give us wisdom of being with death, none of this new happening that makes the loss good or worthwhile. For me the loss makes me miss the awesome moments we shared with Hamah, he was such an amazing man. He lost his life far too soon. Hamah was just two years older than me but he has always been far much productive than me. This always bothered me in my childhood as mummy would always buy him presents. He has always been there for me and my siblings. He could carry our burden no matter how strenuous it could be.

Some his favorite things besides family were sports and outdoor activities. He has always represented his school to the nationals as a volleyball player. We have emulated him to greater heights. I will miss you, bro, more than words say. I am thankful for having known you and the years we spent on earth.

Sample 3

I am humbled seeing all of you join me in celebrating John’s life. Since we were almost the same age, we have shared a lot of experiences. Mummy knows how John had made it easier for me in the campus. He surely took his position as a big brother. His life was cut short through a road accident. As most of you know, john was a very sober man; he has nurtured a lot of young men as we see all the mentees dressed in purple. Am overcoming the pain by celebrating his achievements, my siblings and I have lost a hero, a friend, a counselor and a brother. We shall forever miss you, John.

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