Eulogy For A Sister

Eulogy For A Sister

Losing a sister or any other sibling can be such a devastating moment. It brings about grief and pain to have to say goodbye to someone you have been brought up with each and every step. You must have shared beautiful, memorable and playful moments with her. Here we give you a chance to know and get samples on how to begin a eulogy for a sister.

Example 1

Sally was what we called her, but most of you know her as Salome Jones. I am Mellissa, her elder sister and standing before you to say the final words for my younger sister is the hardest thing I ever had to do. But I had to put myself together and try my best to do what my sister always did, put a smile on your sad faces. Sally was quite an angel, a beautiful soul that has gone too soon to be with the Lord. She was only 26 years old, but God’s will for her to spend those few, yet happy and smiley years with my sweet little sister was a blessing.

Sally loved to joke around; I loved the way she would always come around and make fun of almost everything just to brighten me or anyone who was sad. She was that magical thing that would bring a smile on your face even when you didn’t feel like doing so. Today, I would say that we have not only lost a sister, but a close friend. That day she died, she had just called me, and I remember her last word were “I love you sis” and I can still hear her in my ears saying those words over and over again. I can’t say goodbye to her, not because it will bring her back, but because her spirit will always stay here and close to our hearts. An angel has gone to rest with the other angels. You will forever be in our hearts. Rest in Peace Sally!!

Example 2

Jennifer was my older sister. She was only 35 and having her as the only sibling made me love her even more and idolize her. Jenny was the good example I always looked up to. She spoilt me with gifts and outings, and I can’t help but wonder how our life is going to be without her. My mum is totally devastated by her demise but I want to strengthen you today and tell you that, you brought up the most amazing daughter in this whole wide world. Jenny died on 14th November while undergoing a surgery and I know that she fought a good fight all through until she succumbed to her illness. I pray that God grace that surpasses all understanding stand with her Husband Derrick and her son Erick. It is hard to accept this time, but I pray that God will give us the strength to accept his will. I know Jenny is in a better place. A place where she can no longer go through the pain, I saw her in, while at the hospital. A place of perfect peace. We will dearly miss you, Jennifer!

Example 3

As I stand from here, I see so many of you, and I know that I am not the only life that my sister touched. I am happy that so many of you have come to pay your last respect to this beautiful soul. Susan was 40 years and being two years older than her; I can say that I knew everything about her. When she was born, my father and mother were so happy that they finally had a daughter as she was the only daughter in our family. Suzy was a very open minded person. Whenever I could go wrong she would not fear to tell me, “Brother; I don’t like what you just did.” She was younger than us yet; she was another mum to us so full of encouraging words and advice.

‘’Suzy, the gap you leave will never be filled,People keep telling us it will go away, but how can such a beautiful soul be forgotten?We will cry our hearts out, because the space you leave is so big. You taught us to be strong and stick to doing right,And for that, your legacy will always live. We may not see you physically, but your soul and spirit will live on.We will cherish you here in our hearts.Till we meet you again sister, rest in peace.”

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