Eulogy For Dad

Fathers are important peoples in our lives, and when you lose one, it might feel like the whole world has collapsed at your feet. With such a heavy heart, being granted the role of giving a eulogy for your dad can be quite a hard task for you. However, you must give it your all to ensure that your father’s legacy lives on by giving a eulogy that leaves beautiful memories and comforts the other relatives. Theses samples will give you a way forward on how you can start a eulogy for a Dad.

Example 1

I stand here today with such a heavy heart. Sammy Jones is my father. I am the first born of his five children, and I should say that we have totally lost a pillar and a hero in our lives. My father’s death hit us as the biggest blow when we were informed that he was involved in a fatal road accident. I mean he was just there with us one hour before he left, so healthy and full of life and the next minute we get the news of his demise. I remember the shock, tears and pain it caused to my mother and my siblings which even today still seems like we are in a nightmare.
My father was a dedicated family man, a man who sacrificed everything to make my mum and his family happy. He was a man of the people. The way he loved people and his dedication towards any social event is a legacy that will live on and remain alive in many people’s lived. I still wonder how life will be after this, but I believe that the great values that he instilled in us and the love and unity that he stood for in this family will keep us strong. We mourn you today, but we believe you will always smile upon us from the heavens.

Rest in peace papa!!!

Sample 2

Daniel Lopez was the father that anyone would die to have and if possible hold on to forever. He was only 60 years old, and I know for sure that I speak for the family when I say that he has gone too soon. Father, your death is something we will never get over with. You have been our ultimate provider, the one we always turned to for every single advice and having to say goodbye to you today is the most heartbreaking thing to do.

Words may never express the grief it causes us to know you are gone, but you lived a great life that we will live to celebrate all our lives.

Someone once said “Any man can be Father, but it takes someone special to be a dad” Rest with the angels Dad!

Sample 3

Alvin Brown, my dear father, was many beautiful things. And I can stand here all day and talk about them and not even get the right word to describe how great a dad he was. He was 52 years old and a banker by profession. Despite his tight work schedules, he was always here for us whenever we needed him. His wise advice and strictness to discipline have made us the important people we are today. I remember the way he would scold us when we made stupid mistakes, get mad and then mix it with great love while making it known to us that he only want us to be better people in life. He never at any one time failed this family; he provided abundantly and worked himself out to make sure that our school fees were paid. We will dearly miss you, father. Here is a poem for you.

Dad, I know that wherever you will be,you will always watch us from heaven.Even when death takes you away from us. I believe it is only your soul saying goodbye to your body.Your spirit will always stay with us.When we see a star shining brightly from the sky. We will know it is you still shining brightly in our lives.When a colorful butterfly flies gently by us. We will know it is you assuring us you are free from pain.When the gentle fragrance of a flower catches our attention. It is you reminding us, to appreciate and value every single day in life.


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