Eulogy Examples For Grandma

Eulogy Examples For Grandma

Grandparents are special people in our lives. You could have lost another loved one before, but in most cases, losing a grandmother or a grandfather is the first death experience that most people go through. It creates a kind of pain one has never felt and dealing with it can be difficult. Despite the fact that we realize their old age, no one is never ready to let go of any grandparent. Are you wondering how to start a tribute to your grandmother? Here are a few examples.

Grandmother Eulogy Below:

Final Speech Example 1

I want to take this chance to welcome everyone who has gathered here to comfort and pay our respects to my grandmother Ann Rodrigo. I am Grace, my Grandmother’s favorite grandchild and I must say I shared a special bond with her personally. Grandma Ann passed away on Thursday 23rd afternoon peacefully rocking in her favorite seat at the balcony. She always said to me that the atmosphere was more peaceful and calm out there as she sang her best songs.I remember how grandma would invite us on holidays as her grandchildren. She would spend time cooking us cookies and telling us how each of our parents were during childhood. The best of them all was when she said to us how my dad pranked her with a plastic snake when he was 13 years old, and she dropped her teapot down out of shock. It was always fun whenever we visited her. It is sad to know she is gone. It is sad to know that we will miss all those fun moments we spent with her. Her wise advice will be memorable in our lives. We will surely miss you granny. Rest peacefully till we meet again.

Time to Earn Blessing From Our Beloved

Grandma Eulogy Example 2

Francisca Perez was born in 1929, and she has died at the age of 87 years. What a blessing it was to have spent all this time with her. If my grandmother were here today, she would smile to see all the people who have gathered to say their final goodbye to her. She would not want to see us cry at all. She always told us that life is like the wind, one time we are alive and the next we are no more. She taught us the value of appreciating every single day we spent with her as if she knew one time that time would come to pass, and we would not see her again. Granny had prepared us for this moment, and despite that fact, it doesn’t make it easier to know she is not here with us anymore. We loved you so much granny and I know I speak for all to say that we could have wanted to spend hundreds of years more with you.

Grandma, we will remember you each passing day, we will hold your advice close to our hearts, and we will keep your legacy alive. Fare thee well Grandma Francisca.

Best Moment Of Our Fast Life

Hearth Touching Example 3

How fast life passes, how fast time goes by,It was only the other day; you brought us gift just to put a smile on our faces. Your demise is painful; we cannot have the words to explain the loss. But in our hearts, we lock you. To beat beside us, for as long as we shall live. Until we meet again, grandmother.

I am Kale, and Rachel Michael was my grandmother. No amount of words can express who Grandmother Rachel was. She was totally amazing. Rachel loved her family so much that she would not stand to see any issue come between her children to disunite them. She always told us that family is strength. At 76 years of age, you can bet she had so much wisdom with her that each time I got an issue, I ran to her for a way forward. On this day, I want to say that we have lost a great personality in this family. She was the pillar that held us together.As we bid her goodbye, I hope her wise words remain with us. That unity in this family will uphold. It is not easy to let go, but God gives and God takes and for that May his name be glorified. We shall meet again grandma.

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