How to Start a Eulogy

How to Start a Eulogy


Death is an unfortunate but inevitable phenomenon. It causes pain emotional pain, grief and sorrow to those left behind. It is something that no one would want to experience yet at one time or another; we find ourselves facing this difficult period due to loss of a loved one, a relative, a neighbor. Memories of the one who leave are something that remains in our hearts. Giving a eulogy is one of the tasks that falls before us. You will want to give that loved one a proper send off by giving a tribute that honors the life they lived. Are you facing challenges wondering how to begin it? This article will give you tips on how to start a eulogy that will keep those fond memories.

Remain positive and maintain confidence

Starting a eulogy can be a difficult and a challenging part especially if the loved one was a close person to you. However, delivering it is a great privilege. Believe in yourself and what you will say. You may not be perfect but use the little time you have to help celebrate the life of that person. Avoid doubt on what to say and whether people will like it.

Look for ways of reviving memories, feelings and stories about your loved one

You may have your memories but, don’t depend on your memories alone. Contact relative and friends who have known the person at different times in his/her life. Collecting ideas will help capture many fond memories of your loved one. Go through old photos albums and recollect all those remembrances.

Determine the tone you are going to use

As the person delivering the eulogy, you are in a good position to decide the tone you will use for the eulogy. The tone can be warm, comforting, humorous and inspiring. You can also choose to balance between the tones because there is no wrong or right way to do it. However, the family and relative can also help you decide the tone depending on how they want it to be.

Draft your eulogy

A draft will help you recollect your thoughts as well as allow you to concentrate on the main areas in the eulogy. Write down the key ideas and points at issue. After that, list down every single thing that comes to your mind. Drafting will help you decide how the eulogy will flow and how to address each theme. Use the memories you have as a person if you knew the person, and ideas and memories collected from fries and relatives.

Begin your eulogy

There are different ways of starting a tribute. You can start with a quote, question or poem. The quote can be humorous, spiritual in nature, or inspiring. In the case of a poem, you can create a touching one, or one of your loved one’s favourite.

After that introduce yourself and let the people know the kind of relationship that you have with the deceased person or the family. If you knew the person at a personal level, talk of how you came to know each other, what you admired most and what you will miss about the person. Recognise the presence of all the visitors, everyone in attendance and express your condolences to the family.

Body of the funeral speech

This is where the central theme lies. It includes the individual aspects and characteristics of the deceased person. You will share the unique, exclusive and special stories that make that person be remembered in the right way.

It includes:

  • Persons early life and education history
  • Job history
  • Hobbies and interest
  • Marriage and family life
  • Accomplishments and Legacy
  • Fitting and comforting closing quote

Rehearse the eulogy

Practice makes perfect. It will uplift your confidence, remove the anxiety and enable you to memorize the things that you will include in the eulogy enhancing good flow. Reading it aloud will also let you know if it flows, if there is repetition, how to time yourself and make the necessary adjustments. It will help you relax and also help you maintain eye contact with the audience as you read it since you are familiar with the content.

In conclusion

A chance to write and deliver a eulogy is a sign of respect and total trust. It honors the deceased person and brings beautiful memories of the person. I hope this article gives you the way forward on this matter.

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